Holistic Pediatric Therapy For Infants & Young Children

Empowering children through expert manual therapy and support for the caregiver’s who love them

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Is Your Child Suffering?

Empower Them Instead

Feeding issues, movement challenges, and muscle tension all create unwarranted suffering. Manual therapy accelerates improvement and supports children in feeding, muscle tension, comfort, and much more. 

At Lunara we help empower children so they can positively engage with their world allowing them to thrive.

With our hands on support your child will experience:

Improved Mobility

Treatment optimizes muscle function by reducing tension and improving mobility.

Better Connection

We’ll provide tools you can use to further support your child that are easy to integrate and use.

Reduced Internal Stress

Our treatment promotes a relaxed state with reduced internal conflict.

Lunara Pediatric Therapy is the simplest path to empowering your child.

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“Our daughter had torticollis and some jaw and body tension. Every time they worked with her, we noticed a difference right away.”


Took the time to explain how and why my baby was having difficulty feeding. He then gave us a simple exercise and feeding recommendations that have allowed my baby to improve his ability to feed. I’m very thankful for his expertise during this stressful time!”


“Patient, kind and with practical, actionable steps for even the most sleep deprived new parents, I strongly believe that the exercises they taught us helped lay the foundation for my child”

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Our No Cost Guarantee

As Parents We Understand

It can be difficult to find a provider you can trust who also gets results. That’s why we have a no cost guarantee.

At Lunara:

  1. You’ll have a better understanding of your child’s nervous system.
  2. We will provide simple to integrate interventions and strategies so you don’t lose your quality time.
  3. You’ll be given tools to empower your childs movement to promote developmental mobility.
  4. Our hands on care will be tailored toward your childs with an explanation on why it can have a positive impact.
If you do not feel we have met these goals at any visit please let us know and you will not be billed for the session.


When you come to Lunara

Things Make Sense

When your child is struggling, knowing what to do can feel overwhelming. You might have been advised to just wait and see and now find yourself worrying.

At Lunara, we aim to bring clarity to families, empowering them to fully support their child’s needs.

Lunara Pediatric Therapy is the simplest path to empowering your child.

Questions or Concerns?

We get it, there’s a lot to do when you have kids so send a quick message and we’ll connect at a later time.