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We leverage your child’s strengths with easy to implement strategies, hands on treatment, and parent support
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Supporting Your Child Can Get Overwhelming

But Lunara Pediatric Therapy makes it simple

At Lunara we challenge the time filling practices and wishful thinking, of other clinics, that with enough exercise you can achieve your goals. This isn’t true for adults and especially children. No one needs to spend hours a day exercising to reach their goals. Most people we work with find that 5 to 10 minutes of purposeful mobility a day can help empower their child.

Lunara’s Pediatric Mobility Experts support your child by:

  • Your provider spending double the time with you compared to the typical physical therapy session.
  • Helping build a solid foundation to work from.
  • Directing interventions for your unique child.
  • Responding same day to issues your questions that come up with a direct to provider line.
  • Supporting you and your child with fewer, and easier to integrate, exercises to reach your goals.

Lunara Pediatric Physical Therapy paves the simplest path to empowering your child.

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Client Feedback

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“Our daughter had torticollis and some jaw and body tension. Every time they worked with her, we noticed a difference right away.”


Took the time to explain how and why my baby was having difficulty feeding. He then gave us a simple exercise and feeding recommendations that have allowed my baby to improve his ability to feed. I’m very thankful for his expertise during this stressful time!”


“Patient, kind and with practical, actionable steps for even the most sleep deprived new parents, I strongly believe that the exercises they taught us helped lay the foundation for my child”

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