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How Do You Know You're In Good Hands?

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World Class Training

Our treatment method is designed by a Fellow of the American Academy of Manual Physical Therapy. The most advanced training a physical therapist can recieve with less than 1 in 1000 PTs completing the requirements and demonstrating advanced understanding in manual therapy.

Diverse Interventions

The treatment techniques come from the tools used by many professions including but not limited to: craniosacral, myofascial, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, active release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and taping.

Patient Values

We believe each family makes their own decisions for what is best and what would work best. You know your child better than anyone so we look for your input and above all consent when it comes to the treatment of your child.

Our Familes Agree


“I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a pre/post tie release PT. He has an abundance of knowledge in his area of expertise plus both personal and professional experience


“He shared such great knowledge and tips and I am so happy our breastfeeding journey has continued on strong and steady without needing any revisions! “


“We went to a few sessions with Dr Bryan, who helped loosen up baby’s neck – not to mention the helpful advice and practices we could do at home with baby. Baby has now avoided a helmet because of these sessions!”

When You Come to Lunara

Things Make Sense

When your child is struggling, knowing what to do can feel overwhelming. You might have been advised to just wait and see and now find yourself worrying.

At Lunara, we aim to bring clarity to families, empowering them to fully support their child’s needs.

Lunara Pediatric Therapy is the simplest path to empowering your child.

Questions or Concerns

We get it, there’s a lot to do when you have kids so send a quick message and we’ll connect at a later time.