Lunara Family Physical Therapy

Rates & Insurance

We are a fee-for-service clinic that does not contract with insurance. Our rates vary on whether services are purchased for a plan of care or single visit. For questions reach out at 267-777-9878.

The big question is:

Did You Know You Can Save Money By Going Out Of Network?

Wait… I Can Save Money By Going Out Of Network?

YES! Most people find that our costs are comparable to what they pay at insurance-based clinics due to requiring fewer overall visits and high deductibles.

Insurance is complex with every person having different benefits. Most people have a deductible and after their deductible is met will have a copay in the range of 50-100 dollars.


You may pay above 400 dollars a session until you meet your deductible.

With a 5000 dollar deductible, 12 visits can cost you over 4,800 dollars

So it depends. To find out your ACTUAL cost of PT at your in-network clinic use our PT Cost Cheat Sheet found below.

PT Cost Cheat Sheet

Questions For Out of Network Insurance

  • Do I have out-of-network benefits?  
  • Do I have a deductible for out-of-network care and how much?  
  • What type of reimbursement do I have for an out-of-network provider? 
  • Do I need a form for reimbursement and how do I get it?  
  • Do I need preauthorization or a referral for outpatient physical therapy and how to obtain? 
  • Do I have a dollar or visit limit on my plan per year 
  • How do I submit a claim? 

Full form can be found here: PT Out of Network Cost Cheat Sheet

Price Comparison Cheat Sheet

Questions For Clinic Comparison:

  • How much does a visit cost prior to deductible? 
  • What is my copay/coinsurance for your clinic once my deductible is met? 
  • How long is a session and how much is with the therapist and with a tech? 
  • How many sessions should I expect?