About Lunara

Empowering Individuals To Do The Things They Love With The People They Love

Our Priorities

  • Clarity – We provide clear billing, treatment, and communication to all the people we work with
  • Compassion – We believe in a better tomorrow and the only way to that is by working together and playing to eachothers strengths.
  • Consistency – Simplicity allows things to be consistent for each interaction. Our systems our designed to provide top quality care in all phases.
  • Connection – People should never feel alone when they are struggling. By offering multiple points of direct connection the lines are always open when they are needed.

What Started Lunara?

As a devoted provider, I am driven by the steadfast determination to improve the quality of care. In pursuit of providing exceptional outcomes, I continually rank among the top 10% of providers nationwide. With a vision for providing excellent care, I lead as a clinic director and advocate for both providers and patients. But the established system did not align with my values and goals. 

Clinging to outdated biases and displaying indifference towards those they were meant to serve, some providers resisted growth and burned out. Audits focused solely on documentation and insurance reimbursement, failing to prioritize quality care. Amidst the chaos, I blazed a new trail, establishing a clinic to share my unique expertise and make a difference. But the journey ahead was not an easy one. 

It was a personal experience that changed the course of everything. Witnessing the challenges my own son faced with feeding issues, I was motivated to search for solutions. I recognized the limited resources available for these issues during a baby’s first year of life, and I knew something had to be done. Committed to making a difference, I devoted six months to researching every aspect of care, and my private clinic focused on helping babies with feeding issues began to thrive. 

But the turning point came when a family member fell due to the neglect of their physical therapist. This inspired a passionate desire to reform the system once and for all. I meticulously and comprehensively examined the healthcare landscape to understand and address the underlying issues, and what I found was a system designed to cater to insurance providers instead of prioritizing quality care for patients. Motivated to bring about change, I created a treatment method that combined the best elements of clinical expertise, patient values, and cutting-edge research, shifting the focus away from insurance providers’ needs towards our patients’ needs.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that clinics prioritize the interests of patients over insurance providers, a mission which defines the DNA of Lunara.

Our Team Members