Our Most Asked Questions


How many people do you treat at the same time?

All our treatments are 100% one-on-one physical therapy with your professional provider. This means no aides or assistants to tell you to exercise. You get a real time response and the best opportunity to improve with this one-on-one physical therapy.

Where are you located?

My office is located at 5 Park Ave, Oreland PA 19075

I also provide home visits in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania for an additional fee.


How are you handling COVID?

I am fully vaccinated, boosted, and wear an N95 mask if anyone in my household has any illness. My Oreland office has a HEPA air filter to limit any transmittion of respiratory illness. This follows the same principles as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).


When does bodywork benefit babies?
  • Seem uncomfortable laying or sleeping on their back
  • Struggle with breast or bottle feeding or if nursing causes pain
  • Sleep for less than 1 hour consistently
  • Always clench their hands or feet
  • Resist extending their head or lifting their shoulders
  • Hate the car seat and/or stroller
  • Have a tongue-tie
  • Vomit on you after every feed
  • Appear tight or tense


PT, OT, Speech? What’s the difference?


PT supports the whole body, movement development, and jaw function

OT supports the whole body through sensory engagement

Speech supports oral motion and strength


How much does it cost?

For current price information please use the schedule link below! My price is set relative to the healthcare marketplace rates for physical therapy services after people meet their deductible. 


Do you take insurance?

I have decided not to take insurance but rather set my price relative to the typical coinsurance or copay for PT services after a deductible has been met. This provides transparency in the final price for treatment which is often not the case due to the poor coverage typically provided by insurance for PT.


Can I submit for out of network reimbursement?


The first step is to understand your benefits with our insurance cheat sheet.

I do provide documentation for families to submit to their insurance upon request. If you are curious about if you have out of network benefit reimbursement I can provide my insurance benefits cheat sheet upon request.