Lunara Physical Therapy FAQ

What do you treat?

Our expertise in manual therapy includes interventions that support pediatrics, orthopedic injuries, and women’s health. We tailor our treatment to everyone instead of each condition holding the complexity.

A runner with acute hip pain is quite different from someone 7 months pregnant with hip pain. With our 100% one-on-one care we can treat the person, not just an issue.

How can you get people better faster?

When I worked through insurance I saw I was encouraged to double book patients. In the best case scenarios that meant I had up to 30 minutes to spend with my client. Usually in front of a screen to document so the insurance would reimburse the time. I would then give clients exercises to do to keep them in the gym.

Ever wonder why you start on the treadmill/bike at a PT clinic? 

It’s not actually to warmup. If you were doing a warmup best evidence supports a significant rise in heart rate and beginning to sweat. That’s not what happens; your on the bike for billable time because physical therapy is billed in 8-15 minute increments. That extra 10 minutes could be costing you 100 dollars… With most people being see for about 12 visits that 1200 dollars your going to pay; why not just go by a bike?

Billable units = wasted time 

Most research is done with one-on-one care 

But it’s not applied this way in the clinic. At Lunara our care is entirely one-on-one physical therapy

Most people don’t finish their PT care 

The average number of people who do not finish their care can be as high as 70%. At Lunara we flip the script.

Over 90% of people complete their expected plan of care at Lunara. 

So why are more people getting better faster?

  • We don’t waste your time to fill a billed hour goal (other clinics put this at 4 units or 60 minutes)
  • We make interventions easy to integrate into your life (not the list of exercises so long that you need to carve out an hour a day to do them)
  • 100% one-on-one care (no high school grads running you through a list of exercises you probably don’t need)
  • Hands on thoughtful care that gets to the root cause

How long after injury should I wait to reach out?

Short answer: 

Schedule a free consultation to find out! 

Longer answer: 

Every injury and issue is unique. For infant feeding issues and torticollis you should reach out right away. For an ache you woke up with this morning after an afternoon of gardening give it a few days. Research supports early intervention but up to a week is often enough time to wait. 

For injuries with severe pain, inability to put weight on it, fall from over 3 feet, motor vehicle accidents, and other trauma events (I’m looking at you fall out of U-Haul truck… Not my proudest moment) you should be seen the same day if possible. We can support you in the next steps in your treatment whether that may be referral to your PCP/Urgent care for possible imaging, to schedule with us, or to give it a few days.

Will I have to stop doing my normal routine while I get treatment?

Typically, we help modify what you are already doing. Our goal is to make sure you have the optimal chance to reach your goals while keeping in mind important events (that 5k this weekend). Every situation is unique but often times people find they are able to DO MORE than they expected to be able to.

How many treatments do most people need?

Most people are seen for an average of 7 visits to complete their care compared to over 12 in many insurance based clinics.

How much does it cost?

Check out our Rates & Insurance page to learn more.

When does bodywork benefit babies?

  • Seem uncomfortable laying or sleeping on their back
  • Struggle with breast or bottle feeding or if nursing causes pain
  • Sleep for less than 1 hour consistently
  • Always clench their hands or feet
  • Resist extending their head or lifting their shoulders
  • Hate the car seat and/or stroller
  • Have a tongue-tie
  • Vomit on you after every feed
  • Appear tight or tense

How many people do you treat at the same time?

All our treatments are 100% one-on-one physical therapy with your professional provider. This means no aides or assistants to tell you to exercise. You get a real time response and the best opportunity to improve with this one-on-one physical therapy.

Where are you located?

My office is located at 5 Park Ave, Oreland PA 19075

I also provide home visits in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania for an additional fee.

How are you handling COVID?

I am fully vaccinated, boosted, and wear an N95 mask if anyone in my household has any illness. My Oreland office has a HEPA air filter to limit any transmittion of respiratory illness. This follows the same principles as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).