One-on-One Physical Therapy

Do What You Love

Infant to Adult: Lunara Provides Holistic Family Centered Care

Lunara: The Best Choice For Holistic PT

Feeling lost in making the best choice to meet you or your child’s goals? Not sure if the clinic you choose is providing quality care? We have you covered with:

  • Our interventions directed at the root cause of your issue.
  • Better recovery with fewer exercises by cutting out the useless interventions.
  • Our 100% on-one-one approach which allows for faster recovery in fewer visits.
  • Providers spending up to double the time with your provider compared to the typical physical therapy clinic per visit.
  • Less time wasted and advanced manual therapy to accelerate improvement.

Lunara is a holistic physical therapy practice that makes things simple while providing improved recovery in fewer visits. Supporting individuals from days old to their eighth decade of life we believe in helping families do the things they love.

Your Family Deserves Lunara

Regrettably, most clinics will only share the cost per visit, not the estimated number of visits required for your recovery. This lack of transparency can leave you months into your recovery, with over 20 visits under your belt, still uncertain about when you’ll start seeing improvements.

Consider this: You wouldn’t hire a plumber, electrician, or cleaning service if they only provided a daily rate without an estimated timeline. You would rightfully want to know the total time commitment involved. Your healthcare shouldn’t be any different.

At Lunara, we pride ourselves on our full transparency.

We provide clear expectations regarding:

  • Number of visits
  • Recovery time frames
  • Costs associated with your treatment

With us, you’re never left in the dark & with our free discovery session you can gain an understanding of what care and improvement will look like.

Why Families Love Us

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“Highly experienced PT with a very in depth knowledge of mechanics and inner workings of the body’s musculoskeletal system. He was a god-send for my husband and I and will forever be thankful for all his help.”


Took the time to explain how and why my baby was having difficulty feeding. He then gave us a simple exercise and feeding recommendations that have allowed my baby to improve his ability to feed. I’m very thankful for his expertise during this stressful time!”


Gets the job done without wasting your time with useless exercises. Every exercise is deliberately designed to address your problem. He also provides self-regulating feedback for when you’re doing too much, so there is no guessing. Dr. Nichols is very confident and reassuring which inspires confidence in his patient.