Infant Physical Therapy

Where Can We Help?

Small baby asleep on side

Baby Development

The When, Where, & How

Whether you have been told your baby is behind, was born before 36 weeks, or you just want to know how best to support your baby’s gross motor development we have you covered.

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baby breastfeeding

Breast & Bottle Feeding

Empowering Your Baby

Physical therapy to support breast and bottle feeding is based from a place of empowerment. By putting your baby in an optimal position while supporting areas of weakness and tension overall feeding is able to improve.

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Baby sticking out tongue


Did You Know?

Feeding issues related to mild and moderate tongue ties may best be addressed through physical therapy. We are also positioned to functionally assess a baby’s tongue and oral structures to determine the best course of action.

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Baby with chin tucked


Why Wait?

Torticollis is often ignored until it is too late. Flat spots, feeding issues, and discomfort can all be caused by tension in the neck and shoulders. Physical therapy can help address the tension and improve your baby’s overall function and comfort.

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Person touching babies head in car seat


Avoid Pillows; PT Can Help

Finding yourself constantly repositioning your child or worried about a developing flat spot? Physical therapy has been found to be as effective as head pillows designed to take pressure off the head. As a bonus you can keep your child safe in their sleep environment while avoiding the need for a helmet.

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