Find The Best Physical Therapist Near You?

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Looking For Best Physical Therapist Near You?


When it comes to finding a physical therapist nearby, there are numerous options to consider. For many individuals, the primary concern is insurance coverage. However, relying solely on insurance might result in being assigned to a random physical therapist in a large clinic. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a premium gym experience with sessions costing upwards of $400 (prior to meeting your deductible), then this might be the right choice for you. If this doesn’t align with your needs, keep reading!

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Choosing the best PT for you

Physical therapists are not created equal. Just as you possess distinctive skills and qualifications in your field, so do PTs. While all PTs are obliged to undergo continuing education and have individual interests, not all of them pursue rigorous certifications or qualifications. For instance, specialists in orthopedics, pediatrics, and women’s health must pass an extensive 8-hour exam post-graduation to earn their credentials. Unfortunately, several clinics falsely label themselves as “orthopedics” clinics without actually having completed and passed the aforementioned exam.

Apart from specialty training, there exists a highly advanced form of training known as fellowship training. This rigorous program involves an additional 3 years of schooling, requiring 8-15 hours per week on top of the regular work schedule. Only a minute fraction, 1/10th of 1%, of PTs, pursue this path, as it is not as convenient as other continuing education options. If you are interested in finding a fellow, you can explore the available options here.

Personality also plays a crucial role. While some physical therapists may avoid delving into personal matters, others prefer to know everything about you, and there are varying degrees in between. This highlights the significance of finding a PT who not only delivers quality care but also possesses a demeanor that allows you to feel heard and achieve your desired outcomes during each session. Unfortunately, there is no specific training for this; instead, it relies on word of mouth and online reviews of individual therapists (not companies) to guide your decision-making process.


To conclude there are a few reasons you should make sure you find the right PT for you. First and foremost make sure they have the qualifications and experience to provide what you need, then make sure their personality fits your needs as well. Training in specialized areas is important and actually shows better outcomes. Don’t forget to use online reviews and word of mouth to help find the right physical therapist for you.  Finally, make sure you have an open dialogue with your PT about your goals and expectations so that together you can discover the best course of action.  With these tips in mind, finding a great physical therapist should be easy! At Lunara we believe in specialty training to provide quality care and outcomes. Good luck on your journey. 🙂

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