The Number One Way To Know Your Sciatica Is Getting Better

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How To Tell If Your Sciatica Is Improving

The Nerves In The Back Can Cause Leg Pain

Back pain is the most common reason people seek care for non cold/flu related symptoms. When leg pain is involved the nerves of the back may be irritated. The good news is you can recover from leg pain without surgery or Opioids. Many people do not know what to do for their pain because their back pain or leg pain may get better but the other area may feel worse. When you have both back and leg pain the pain furthest away from your back is the pain you typically want to change first. This is called centralization.


When pain is going from your leg and moving toward the spine it is called centralization. Centralization is considered a good sign for sciatica/low back pain. A common occurrence with centralization is an increase in back pain or pain closer to the spine. Lastly the pain may move more central to the spine and come across the middle of the back. If you have any of these things occur while having less leg pain you are using components of centralization to your advantage. The key is the leg pain improves.

Keep Moving

Most people with leg pain find that walking helps their leg symptoms. There are a number of reasons this might be but one thing is clear: nerves like movement. Often with pain we tend to rest and often avoid activity. If you find yourself afraid of movement or not sure what exercises you should be doing see a physical therapist to help determine the best course of action for your leg pain.

When Leg Pain Does Not Change

When the pain furthest down the leg is not changing centralization means that the furthest down symptom that is changing (for better or worse) is the one to pay attention to. Some people may have tingling or numbness that does not change. This is something your physical therapist can help you monitor. If in doubt about if you are recovering from your sciatica/low back pain see a physical therapist. We can get you back on track.