Join The Lunara Physical Therapy Team

At Lunara we pride ourselves in having thoughtful, high quality staff. The type of staff you would like your loved one to see.

We are looking for quality physical therapy and administrative staff to support our mission. If you are interested fill out the survey below and we will get our hiring questionnaire to you.

Our 5 step hiring process is designed to find the best fits for our team:

  • Step 1 Introduction: send an email to us with the title “Application to join the Lunara Team (YOUR NAME)” a little about yourself and an attached resume.
    Step 2 About You: We will connect you to our long form discovery form. This form is designed to discover if you are a good fit, allows a jumping off point for an in person interview, and learn what type of work best fits your style.
  • Step 3 Interview: Virtual or in person interview. This is when your relationship with the Lunara team will start to develop and allow us to get to know you as an applicant.
  • Step 4 Skills Assessment: 1 hour skills assessment related to the position.
  • Step 5 Strengths Assessment: This 30 minute strength assessment allows us to better understand how to leverage your abilities in your role.

We are always looking for talent that fits the Lunara way. If you are interested please email us with the details found in our 5 step hiring process.

Interested In Joining The Lunara Team?