Osteoporosis Causing Back Pain? Why You Need PT

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How Physical Therapy Helps Osteoporosis Back Pain


Osteoporosis weakens bones and increases fracture risk, especially with age. Bones become more delicate and fragile due to reduced calcium levels in the body. Over 200 million people worldwide suffer from osteoporosis. It is the leading cause of one-third of hip fractures and one-fifth of spinal fractures in those above the age of 50.

Along with fractures, osteoporosis back pain is a common consequence of the condition. Fragile bones compress on vertebrae, leading to severe discomfort. It is important to maintain bone health and take measures to prevent osteoporosis, especially as we age.

What To Expect At Physical Therapy?

Patients with osteoporosis back pain should expect an assessment from a licensed doctor or physical therapist before beginning physical therapy. During the evaluation, the provider will collect medical history and information on past surgeries, injuries, and current medications. Basic movement tests, such as checking range of motion, may be conducted to determine the maximum movement possible before experiencing pain or tension in muscles or joints. Imaging tests, like X-rays or MRIs, may also be reviewed to better understand the patient’s condition before developing a tailored treatment plan.

What Types Of Exercises Might You Do?

To enhance stability, flexibility, and balance, consider incorporating the following exercises into your personalized exercise program:

Core Strengthening Exercises:

– Planks

– Bicycle Crunches

– Mountain Climbers

– Dead Bugs

– Side Planks

Lower Extremity Strengthening:

– Heel Raises

– Wall Sits

– Deep Squats

Balance Improvement Exercises:

– Single Leg Stands

– Bosu Ball Squats

By engaging in these exercises, you can work towards improving your stability, flexibility, balance, and overall fitness.

Additionally, you can incorporate flexibility exercises to stretch tight muscles and postural correction techniques to maintain proper alignment throughout the day.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery time varies based on a patient’s condition and physical makeup. Physical therapy, generally lasting 3-6 months, provides relief from osteoporosis back pain. Consistent adherence is essential for sustained improvement. Massage or acupuncture may also be prescribed to speed up recovery for severe cases.


Physical therapy effectively treats back pain caused by osteoporosis by restoring strength, enhancing range of motion, and alleviating painful symptoms. Tailored exercises, along with regular check-ups, provide guidance for individuals seeking relief.