Free Yourself from Lordosis Back Pain: Discover the Power of PT

back pain with activity

Managing Back Pain From Lordosis


If you’ve been living with lordosis back pain, physical therapy could be the solution you need to find relief. Physical therapy involves evidence-based approaches to help people with various conditions. The treatment incorporates tailored exercises, stretches, balance activities, and manual techniques that are customized for individual needs. 

Physical therapy helps reduce pain and restore mobility. With increased lordosis being a correlated factor for back pain seeing a PT can help. Don’t let your back pain control your life, take a step towards managing it with physical therapy. 

What To Expect at Physical Therapy 

Once physical therapy is recommended for lordosis back pain, your therapist will assess your condition to create a personalized treatment plan. This assessment evaluates spine mobility, muscle strength and flexibility. Treatment can include manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilizations or soft tissue manipulation, coupled with education regarding posture, body mechanics and ADLs. 

The aim of physical therapy is to establish a tailored treatment plan aligned with your specific lordosis back pain manifestation. With professional help, pain can be relieved and overall functionality improved. 

Types of Exercises You Might Do 

Your physical therapist will design a specific program of exercises to help reduce pain and improve mobility. Some of these exercises might include: 

Core strengthening exercises to support your spine such as planks or bridges 

Postural exercises like shoulder retractions or pelvic tilts 

Balance training with activities like single leg stands 

Stretches for tight muscles such as the hamstrings 

Back stabilization exercises to help improve core control 

How Long Recovery Takes 

The amount of time it takes for a person to recover from lordosis back pain depends on many factors, including age and severity. Generally speaking, recovery times vary greatly from one individual to another. Some people may need only a few weeks of treatment while others might require several months or more. Ultimately, your physical therapist will be able to give you an estimated time frame based on your specific needs. 


Physical is an effective way to manage lordosis back pain and improve quality of life. Personalized exercises, stretches, manual techniques, and postural education can work together to reduce discomfort and improve mobility. With the help of your physical therapist, you can learn to manage your back pain and live better with lordosis.